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My name is Jeremy, just got back from a tour in Iraq six weeks ago.

Very interested in a career in Law Enforcement.

Drive an armored car for now, not my dream job but what can you do?

Dad got me interested in firearms from an early age, and at 16 I got my first rifle, a Ruger 10/22 which I still own ('til death do us part, I guess)

I own a bunch of rifles, handguns and a couple of shotguns, but my most interesting firearm is a Model of 1896 .30-40 Krag Jorgenson carbine in pristine condition, which my (awesome) neighbor, a retired LA firefighter, gave to me.

Anyways, love the site, any questions, hit me up!
Welcome to NWFA and thank you for your service!

You are wise to keep and never sell those original guns. You'll just kick yourself... We have pages of "I wish I had never sold my ...".

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