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    Just wanted say hi, hope eveyone is doing good. I'm ariel shooter, as one might guess, I live in Ariel WA - up along lake merwin. I work for a local shipyard as a super. In the last several years I have attending the local gun shows representing Ariel Shooting Supply, selling reloading supplies. Do to increased work load the my 6-5 job I decided not to continue with the resales of reloading supplies. Not to say I don't still have a bit to get rid of. I am into pistol and long range shooting, enjoy building and repairing firearms. Favorite guns are the 1911, Colt revolvers and into ar15 custom builds Grendel, and 556 - 1/7 twist - long range. I'm looking to get a couple more revolvers, like a 4-6" 357 mag and 44 mag, So if you know anyone want to let these go send me a post, Stainless only, blued if in perfect shape.

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