HB 4147 back on agenda

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    Channa Newell, Counsel

    Whitney Perez, Counsel

    Mike Reiley, Judiciary Office Coordinator

    Kristi Arrington, Committee Assistant

    Catherine Heaton, Committee Assistant

    Jessica Rose, Committee Assistant


    Rep. Jeff Barker, Chair

    Rep. Ann Lininger, Vice-Chair

    Rep. Andy Olson, Vice-Chair

    Rep. Brent Barton

    Rep. Mitch Greenlick

    Rep. Wayne Krieger

    Rep. Bill Post

    Rep. Sherrie Sprenger

    Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson

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    Oregon State Capitol





    February 10, 2016

    3:00 P.M.

    HR 343

    900 Court Street NE, Room 331, Salem, Oregon 97301

    Phone: 503-986-1525

    Email: hjud.exhibits@state.or.us

    This agenda replaces the advisory agenda issued January 28, 2016.

    Please Note: HB 4045, HB 4075, HB 4093, HB 4123, HB 4142, and HB 4147 have been added to the agenda.

    **Subsequent Referral(s) to Ways and Means

    **Subsequent Referral(s) to Ways and Means

    **Subsequent Referral(s) to Ways and Means

    **Subsequent Referral(s) to Ways and Means

    Work Session

    Send materials or presentations to the email at the top of the agenda 24 hours in advance of the meeting date.

    ADA accommodation requests: employee.services@state.or.us or 1-800-332-2313.

    HB 4045 **

    HB 4075 **

    HB 4093 **

    HB 4123 **

    HB 4142

    HB 4147

    Establishes mandatory minimum sentences for crimes of unlawful possession of a firearm and felon in possession

    of a firearm.

    Replaces School Safety Hotline established by Department of Justice with statewide tip line established by

    Department of State Police for anonymous reporting of information concerning threats to student safety.

    Authorizes board of commissioners of county that has legislative authorization to receive certain funds for

    construction or capital improvements to courthouse to impose surcharge on certain civil court fees.

    Directs State Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision to establish by rule community service exchange

    program for person to enter into agreement with community-based organization to perform community service in

    lieu of payment for delinquent fines or debts.

    Prohibits person performing private security services to wear uniform or badge or utilize vehicle that would cause

    reasonable person to believe that private security professional is affiliated with public or private safety agency.

    Prohibits transfer of firearm by dealer or private party if Department of State Police is unable to determine whether

    recipient is qualified to receive firearm.


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    Time to be calling and writing again...
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    seems like a HB 4044 bill is being overlooked. It means they, (pawnbroker) has to for any transaction take what information they get from you to police station to be kept in a database. Could be gun related since it's a pawnshop. means you go in buy a guitar which I've never had to fill out anything for your name and address will be placed into a database at the police station. Or even if it's just when you pawn something to them for a while they still have to or will take you data to the cops. don't really like this.
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    There will be a working/voting session on this bill Wednesday afternoon (2/10)... Now is a great time to write the representatives and the Judicary Committee...

    This is a what I've provided as written testimony, with my actual name removed of course...

    February 9th, 2016 RE: HB 4147

    Dear Members of the House Judiciary Committee, and Honored members of the Oregon House of Representatives,

    My name is xxx, I’m an NRA member, an OFF member, a GOA member, I’m a husband, a son, the dad of several school aged children, the bread winner for my family and am charged with their education, protection, safety and well being. As such, my testimony is in opposition to HB 4147, which does nothing more than provide an avenue whereby an end run around the United States Constitution and the Oregon Constitution is permissible. We ought not to infringe on the Civil Rights of law abiding citizens.

    Last year’s legislative session brought us SB 941, which we were told would prevent gun violence by keeping guns out of the hands of those who should not be in possessions of them, this bill was passed under the false pretenses of an “Emergency” and now requires person to person sales to have a mandatory background check. A forced check through a faulty background checks system here in Oregon.

    Now the 2016 legislative session brings us HB 4147, which will permit the OSP to put delays in place simply by not being able to complete the required background check in 3 days. The 3 day background check limit brought to us by the Brady Bill... Just a further infringement of our Second Amendment Rights...

    You know, nothing sickened me more than the needless killing of the children at Sandy Hook Elementary school, perpetrated by someone who was known to be mentally ill and stopped taking his medication. He did use legally obtained firearms to carry out his evil deed... But it sickens even me more to see Mom’s Demand Action and other Michael Bloomberg funded organizations continuously standing on the blood of those innocent children, as they try to chip away at MY Civil Rights....

    We need to ensure that mental health is a high priority for our state and our nation. Perhaps if we stopped pumping those with mental health issues full of pharmaceuticals and actively worked at getting them life changing help, we’d be doing more for the betterment of our society than taking away the Civil Rights of the law abiding.

    It sickens me to hear the statistics spouted of the epidemic of deaths by gun... When according to the FBI it equates to .0005% of our population that is killed by firearms each year. The same FBI that says crime is at a 45 year low and gun ownership has doubled in the last 20 years.

    Do you want to stop that unnecessary killing from happening? I know I do... Perhaps, cracking down on the gang shootings that occur in Portland, might be a good start...

    I cannot urge you strongly enough, to stand by the Oath that you have personally sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Great State of Oregon.

    I implore you to protect My Civil Rights! That's your sworn oath to do, to protect My Civil Rights and My Second Amendment Rights are part of them.

    Like many other Oregonians, I'm watching and keeping track, those who vote against Our Constitutions will be voted against when it comes Election Day 2016.

    Vote No on HB 4147.


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