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A friend gave me a carbon fiber-wrapped 16" 10/22 barrel. It is new and was given to him by the manufacturer as a gift for helping refine the carbon wrapping process several years ago.

I know very little about 10/22s.

It is the case that in WA state one can purchase a 10/22 receiver as a "firearm" and not a semi-automatic imaginary .22 assault rifle, much like one can still buy an AR lower, without signing away one's testicles for inspection?

How much of a difference do receivers make in 10/22s? I see cheapos from Brownells (though not sure I trust them to stay in spec) and custom receivers at $400+.

I have no budget constraints but I would feel dumb paying for quality/precision I don't need. I think I would prefer to just build a nice, light, 10/22 trainer-blaster, with perhaps a compact ACOG on it.

What kind of receiver and stock would youz recommend for this future trainer-blaster? (As far as stocks go, I'm not into the really 'tactical' looking stocks for 10/22s, but probably more traditional, though I do like the pistol grip to be more vertical like is common on precision and tactical bolt guns.)
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I never really considered a "custom maker" for a Ruger 10/22 (receiver) just to get around the tax.

Anyway.....YES, I have friends that have made their builds with them. As for how much "more accuracy" or "more whatever" do they get for their set up? Sorry......I can't say.

My envy in what others have ended long ago. And, don't forget? Well, add more money for a new bolt, op handle, trigger work, stock, glass, "match" ammo, etc..... it doesn't just stop with the custom receiver.

For the record......I've always (so far) chosen to buy Ruger 10/22s (metal trigger groups preferred) and proceeded from there.

Sadly, these were lost in a recent boating accident and there were even more firearms (including more 10/22s) that were lost too.:(

Aloha, Mark

PS....YES, WA's semi-auto assault rifle law....$@^*s.
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What I did with a Volquartsen carbonfiber barrel was: bought a Ruger Takedown .22, bought Hogue overmolded thumbhole stock, added Volquartsen drop in 2# trigger and a Vortex Venom Dot.

As a result I have 2 barrels, on light and dotted, one steel and open sighted. This way my daughter gets to train both and has a fantastic firearm


Thanks for the replies.

Under less dumb laws, I would really rather buy a 10/22. But I don't want to buy a semi-auto rifle if WA state now. Wish I had a few years ago...

I think I'll end up buying a mid-grade receiver, whatever that is, and finding a traditional wood stock that will take a bull barrel. The takedown option is interesting. Might be cool to have one that could fit into a very small case.
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Just a few names of manufacturers that make receivers for the 10/22.

If you have access to a machine shop? You can get 80% 10/22 receivers too.

Boyd’s gunstocks makes many variants for the 10/22. Including nice classic Monte Carlo style in various different woods.

Hogue makes a nice lightweight stock for the 10/22, not wood, but comfy and classic looking.

Magpul has a nice stock as well, though more modern and “tactical” it’s ergos are spot on.

SAPOutfitters, is a great shop for misc 10/22 components like the bolt and trigger housing (all currently out of stock due to high demand)

Most of the above companies also make other 10/22 components. So finding parts is not entirely impossible right now. Kidd has the best trigger in my opinion. Far better than a Volquartsen.

Tandomkross makes some pretty nice goodies for the 10/22 as well.

If you want a cool build, I’d recommend a stainless receiver from Tactical Innovations. I think it would compliment the carbon barrel nicely.



I'd buy the Ruger BX trigger - it's a pretty good upgrade for the price.

Back when you couldn't get .22 ammo I bought a 10/22 with a heavy Green Mountain fluted barrel, a Timney trigger, Boyd's Tacticool stock (IMHO garbage) a Vortex 8 - 32 scope with a 50mm lens & 750 rds of ammo for $550. The guy had about $1100 - $1200 in it so I chucked the stock, put a Promag Archangel stock on it & put the scope on my .17HMR so there's no problem spotting rats in the desert anymore. Problem is, I have 2 safes crammed to the gills & rarely ever shoot any of them.

My 8" barrel suppressed 300 BO SBR is fun but with subsonic rounds you can almost watch the round drop with the naked eye. I also have a 5.5" barrel .223 upper for it but don't have a can for that. It was fun to build & is only 19" long collapsed.

SGW Gunsmith

Stick it in the ground and plant a tomato plant around it. The factory barrels can't hit a barn wall if you're standing inside the barn. Get yourself a crossbow.
I was able to buy a 10/22 Takedown Receiver last month from Wirthwein Guns.

Bought the bolt, charging handle/ recoil spring and the other small bits from Brownell. I already had a barrel.

Everything came together without issues.

Now if only we could go outside.
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