The title kind of says it; have you observed the shortages, inflation, et al., impacting radio equipment? In particular those related to amateur radio, GMRS, and Citizen Band.

(The reason for my asking is I'm back on a long running GMRS-based project for family comms. One vehicle is already fully set up. I have a repeater already, but need to set it up at the house. My primary vehicle is going to be replaced very soon, so I'm trying to decide to pull the trigger on a good transceiver now or just wait until Ford is done. As to the rest of the project, I think some older, funkier GMRS units given to me by my father-in-law will work, but I'm not 100% positive at this point. So, long story short, and I know "too late", at least one rig needs to be bought soon, with possible other radios or related gear.)

Thanks much.

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