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i just read up on it, pretty neat cartridge. seems to slightly rival the 375 h&h and will fit a standard length action.any thoughts?
Have one. STMCELROY had one. Love it. 300GR Barnes tripple shock at 2900fps. Recoil is not bad at all. First day to the range shot 40 rounds off the bench. Very accurate. I said, Very accurate. I am starting to ask myself why I have other hunting rifles. I love the Ruger myself. It does have a Timney trigger. I am shooting just over half MOA at 200yds with big power. This is not a custom gun or any of the LR stuff. But for myself, I am a under 500yrd shooter. Not into legless critters. There are ones that can do it all day long, but I am not one of them. So this gun works for me. If you ever get down here, I will take you out and shoot it.
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