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Looks a LOT like an Argentinean Llama l had many, many years ago (full dust cover, squared-off slide, SiG P-series-ish grips).
It actually had an incredibly smooth action, but it was pretty easy to see where corners were cut and trademark laws were (barely) skirted.
Mine was marked honestly. This one appears to be a counterfeit of some sort or possibly something with some interesting history... ?
I was going to say the slide reminds me of a colt 1903, thinking it might be a frankengun composed of various pieces and with a post ace 22lr kit (I think they were kits, can't remember). But looking at the slide I'm thinking it's a copy, not a reworked slide from an original colt. 1905 looks closest to me to that slide but it is just too different. All just guesses. 84C3640D-BA4E-4506-BC64-D8B80BD78D3B.jpeg


I've never seen one like it.

Acier in Spanish translates to "steel." There are pictures online of Browning shotguns with barrels marked, Acier Special (Special Steel), likely for Spanish market.

The markings on the little lever assumed to be a safety are S, A and M. Which could stand for :

S = segura (safe)
A = automatica (automatic)
M = manual (manual)

Just guessing.


It's French too- Acier Inox(ydable) as it appears on my watch bracelet is French for "Steel not Rustable..."
Seems optimistic in this case.
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