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Personal Portable Security Safe

Having just build a Willys Jeep Body out of 16ga USA steel I'll bet if I could get both hands on that box and at least a foot of slack on the cable with a few good jerks that little nubbin holding the cable would pull right out. If not the way its designed a Wonderbar could pull it out of there like a duplex nail.

Granted for less then $20 its one hell of a lot better then tossing your pistol on the floor in the back of your rig.

Bit unless you were to do a lot of modifying thats easier to get into them a locking console or glove box.

These are better than nothing but will only keep the honest thief out. I had my truck broken into a few years ago and had a similar model lockbox under the seat. The crook pried it open (probably with a screwdriver) but thankfully it was empty. The thief also pried open my glovebox...even though it was unlocked.
Crooks, despite the movies, are generally dumb bubblegums. I'd add that if they weren't, they'd work a job instead (using their not dumbness)
I actually switched from a Bulldog combo car safe to a PacSafe travelsafe. It is a cut/slash resistant bag with an embedded stainless steel mesh. The top cinches down with a braided stainless steel cable that wraps around and locks to a fixed object. It fits completely under the seat of my Toyota Tacoma, which has very low seats. The Bulldog safe stuck out from under the seat several inches. It will only deter a smash and grab thief, but that is the most common type in these part.
For those in WA State, remember that I-1639 goes into effect on June 1, 2019. It may be overturned in the Courts, but until then you don't want to leave a handgun "bare" in your vehicle.
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