My name's Adam - I'm 29 and from Happy Valley. Got married a year ago - and started to see the benefit of being able to protect yourself (and your wife) while we still have our rights to do so. I'm very new to the firearm scene and am just starting to pick up some weapons to build a collection. If you are from the Happy Valley/Clackamas area say hi - and if you know of any good ranges (whether indoor or outdoor) please pass them onto me. Clackamas Safety Center is the closest, but I'm hoping to find some free outdoor spots like the one many have mentioned out in Estacada for safe weekend fun.
Welcome, my zip code says Happy Valley too! I go to Douglas Ridge personally, but would love to hear about some outdoor public spots to shoot as well.
Welcome from the 'Couv north of you. English Pit is a good choice and you can pay by the visit. Tri County is an awesome club but you need to buy an annual membership. Well worth it if you intend to shoot alot, but a bigger $$ commitment. For outdoor public shooting - you end up driving quite a few miles and burning up the cash in gas costs. Douglas and English are good bets for you.

Did you ever find a good place to shoot that you frequent?
I am also fairly new to the Happy Valley area and Oregon in general.We moved here from AZ and finding a spot in the desert was a whole lot easier. plus they have some top notch indoor gun ranges. I used to be a member of Scottsdale gun club and didnt realize how spoiled I became since you could shoot anything all the way up to .50bmg indoor.
That's the only thing about Johnson Creek range. No rifles.....

So... Not even.22 rifle?
That would make it tough for me to join and still need to find another place to shot my rifles.
We haven been on a tour yet for that reason.

We went on a tour of TCGC and thought it was nice but the pistole range left something to be desired by way of needing to go cold range to change targets. And having to take a class to use the action range even though I have has more than enough training to prove my skill.

We tried some spots up 26 and out past DRRC but they were a real mess and had idiots shouting un every direction. If I only had the money to open an indoor range like SGC.

The hunt continues


I think you CAN shoot .22 in there, and they do have a pretty cool target system in there, but its a short range. Not really good for larger then .22 rifles anyway. Strictly a handgun range. That said, it is a great place.

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