Happy Father's day!! Share your best and worst stories

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by clearconscience, Jun 16, 2013.

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    I'm Thankful there's people like us who teach our children the value of freedom and about firearms, safety, and why America is the best country on earth.

    Share you best and worst fsther stories about your kids or your father.

    My dad worked for an "agency" and wasn't much of a father didn't really see him from the time I was 5 until I was graduating high school when he retired.

    But my best memory (one of my only fsther/son memories) was when my dad would take me and my brother out target shooting. Was a great time and probably why I like it so much now.

    I just became a dad 6 mths ago to a beautiful baby girl name Remington!
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    My boys just called me from there youth all stars baseball tournament. That makes me happy. I almost never miss a game especially all stars tournaments. ....but this weekend the man has me down and I couldn't get out of it.....
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    I never realized how hard my Dad worked to give me the life I had as a child until I worked with him for a summer.

    Up at 0430, off to work by 0515, at work ready to start at 0600. Work all day with a 30 minute lunch break, then off at 1430 and home by 1500. He worked HARD at work, I was young and could barely match him. Once we got home Dad would eat a small snack, sit at the table and talk with my mom for 30 mins or so, then get on with house projects. During this time he was replacing the carpet in our living room and office with wood flooring. Me on the other hand would fall asleep on the ride to work, I'd fall asleep on the ride home from work and when I got home I'd have barely enough energy to get anything done. I'd nap get up and help him with the flooring, then eat dinner. After to dinner I was right to bed. Dad would work on the flooring, or use the tractor in the garden or watch some TV, then head to bed a few hours later.

    It occurred to me at that he'd been doing this same routine my entire life, he'd been working his *** off all day everyday for me and my siblings. And he did it without complaining. Growing up I never though of my Dad as cool, he didn't coach or play sports, he wasn't into sports at all, he didn't have the newest car, the best clothes and as a child I sometimes felt bad for me about that. Now that I am a man I realize just how cool my Dad was, what he did for us and how much of a role model he really is. To this day, he is still my roll model, I am proud to call him my Dad. I guess my only regret is not so far is not having any kids of my own, so I feel as if I am wasting the example he set forth to me.

    People often say as a child you see you father as a hero and one of the hardest things you have to do in life is realize that he isn't. I guess I am fortunate, as I've never had that experience and doubt I will.

    So, happy father's day dad (he's not going to see this, guns aren't his thing) and happy father's day to all the other Dad's out there.
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    Is agree with that last comment ^.

    I can't really remember this but I have the picture to prove it. My dad use to be an airplane mechanic for aero Mexico and he took me in one day and took a picture of me in one of the jet engines.

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    No kids yet, but this fathers day I surprised my father with a stainless 1911, like the one he pointed out to me a while back. And 40rnds of .45HP to boot.

    Hes done more for me than I could ever do in return.
    I strive to attain his (and my grandfathers) extreme farm/ranch style work ethic.
    My grandfather, 85 still works the farm (in one way or another) to this day.. Which is more than a lot of folks his age can or will do.
    My father, with his age and sport related injuries still does crawlspace and attic work and hes getting up there in age as well.

    The respect and love I have for these men, and the lessons they've passed down are (to me) unparalleled to anything under the sun.

    From mechanics to machining, agriculture to insects, to business and politics I think I came out alright. As they and I grow older, I only wish I could have cherished and listened to every wise word they had to say to me when I was younger but foolishly ignored . Sadly that time is gone, but I can make the most of what time we still have left.
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    Yesterday I watched my Son graduate from PSU without any college loan debt. I'm glad he made it and that I was able to help. He still has some growing up to do but it's a good start and way better than the upside down tomato planter I got for Fathers Day last year!!

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