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    I was in Bi-Mart the other day and while waiting for my wife to finish up, I wandered over to the periodicals section and saw Handloader - Ammunition Reloading Journal on the shelf. It was $5.99 so I picked up a copy to read while waiting for my wife at the next store. What a great magazine!

    Once I got home I headed on over to Wolfe Publishing Company and found that I could get year's digital delivery of the magazine (in PDFs, not the crappy apps some sites use) for $19.97. And get this, for that price you also get subscriptions to Rifle: Sporting Firearms Journal and Successful Hunger. I haven't read those yet but they are in queue. :) Lastly, when I signed up I was also able to download the last edition of each of those magazines.

    All in all, it's a very good deal and a great magazine. Check it out if you haven't already done so.
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    I have been reading Handloader and Rifle for years. Successful Hunter(your Successful Hunger is much more entertaining a title, though) is decent, but Handloader and Rifle are necessary.
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    Ken Waters, a Long-Time Writer for that GREAT Mag, has a Book that I use as My Bible for Reloading. It is EXPENSIVE, but if you read and Understand what Ken wrote, You will be one of the most Knowledgeable and capable Reloaders in Your Club/Area, Guaranteed. The book is, simply put, a nicely organized presentation of the Articles that Ken wrote over the Years, for the HandLoader magazine.

    The Book, "Pet Loads" cost me about $65.00, Years ago - Large Format, Soft Cover - I think it is Well Over 1000 pages. Great Info.

    Highly Recommended, at least from this old Shootist.
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