Handguns/SD infiltrating liberal culture: Handgun discussions at parties.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PlayboyPenguin, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Everyone here knows I am a pretty liberal guy and I run with a lot of even more liberal people. We tend to go to quite a few parties where I am by far the most conservative person in the room. The type of parties with lots of school teachers, nurses, social workers, etc.

    I enjoy these get togethers but I seldom get too involved in any heavy conversations. Political talk usually stays to a minimum since we are all mature adults who have little reason to argue about things we cannot change. The talk usually centers around microbrews, theater, reality TV, education, and personal talk.

    There has been a trend lately that has been bringing me to the front of the conversations. That thing is the topic of handguns and self defense. Even among these very liberal, and sometimes even leftist, people the topic of protecting one's self has been coming up more and more. I have really noticed it happening more over the last few years.

    It usually starts with one person making a comment about needing to get an alarm or something or with someone coming up to me and saying "Hey, x told me you have some guns and would be a good person to ask a question about getting a gun for the house." Then it usually evolves into a full conversation about self defense and how it is a good idea to be prepared for the worst these days.

    So far I have found the attitudes of almost all people involved to be very positive. They range from active desire to get a gun to curious interest in the realities of being prepared. In fact, just last night as we were leaving a local restaurant a single lady friend turned to me and said "I need to talk to you about helping me learn to shoot and pick out a handgun. I get nervous at home alone these days."

    There is no real point to this story, it is just surprising to me how common this has become lately.
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    Thank you for sharing, and really it's not that surprising once you stop to think about it. I've found that most people who self-identify as liberal are actually libertarian, they just need a little additional prodding in areas that the dogma has been laid on especially thick.
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    I am in a similar situation as yourself: I live in Portland and work in an industry that attracts lots of libs. I'd characterize myself "libertarian"; given any room full of Portlanders I am, by far, the most conservative, by a long shot. As I have posted on other threads on NWFA: not all Portlanders are anti-gun pacifistic. I know many gun owners, more than one is "hippie", more than one sports dread-locks. Most of these people are fairly liberal, but still support private gun ownership. More guns in the hands of libs is a *good* thing...really *good*. Once they own their own gun they will become vehement defenders of the 2nd Amendment.

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    I am also the go to gun guy for many of my liberal friends. And I agree, there has been an increase in acceptance of guns in my social circle. Honestly, I think that the book and movie "The Road" has had as much to do with it as anything.
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    I've started to notice these things too. I've a friend who's a liberal hippie chick, to the point where she often jokes that she doesn't ever want Republicans in her house, always drumming up support for various liberal causes (in particular all things environmental). In light of what's going on in Japan she mentioned that she has developed a great deal more motivation get on the disaster-preparedness bandwagon, and she described what she is doing in that regard. I asked her, "what about guns and ammo?" She answers, "That base is already covered, I've had guns for many years now."
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    Yes, many more good solid folks, even though they are liberal in their beliefs and voting, are concerned about their personal safety, and even more so about the safety of their family. I have had one at work and also my neighbor come and ask for advise on buying a firearm to protect their family should the need arise.
    I welcome them and help them all I can.
  7. Silver Fox

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    It's too bad these topics are labeled as a "conservative vs. liberal" thing, I personally view them as readily available clean drinking water. Everybody should be aware how fragile it is and stay diligent to protect the right that protects them.

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    The Liberal Gun Club
    They're not much for depth or breadth of firearms or tactical knowledge, but at least their spellcheckers work.

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