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Handgun Sight Tools

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by PuddleMonkey, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. PuddleMonkey

    PuddleMonkey Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    What's the best sight tool out there? I'm eyeballin' the B&J P500 Pro but it runs $275. Is there much difference between that one and the $130 standard version? Most of my guns have dovetail sights so my tool needs to be geared towards that. Is there a better place to buy them than Brownells and Midway? Both companies are out of stock 90% of the time, another reason I'm being forced towards the $275 Pro model. What are the odds I mar one of my pretty guns with this?
  2. SynapticSilence

    SynapticSilence Battle Ground, WA Well-Known Member

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    I've checked and there's a wide variety of opinions on all of them. But I've for to get one, too, since I've mucked up enough sights in my time even using a taped up brass drift punch and a padded vise. My Sig 1911s and one of my CZ clones seem to have the sights welded in place. All the heat, oil, and everything else I've tried that normally would break free even a res Loctite job (and yes, I loosened the set screw on the Sigs) doesn't do a thing. Not to mention that I never can drift the things precisely enough when they will move. If you find one you like, let me know.
  3. Modeler

    Modeler Molalla, Oregon Soccer Fan

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  4. Velzey

    Velzey Estacada, Oregon Gunsmith Gunsmith Bronze Vendor Bronze Supporter

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    I use the B&J P500 95% of the time. And I install allot of sights.

    You may call the company directly, and they will most likely have one in stock...for call in customers. Thats how I got mine a few years ago.
  5. stmcelroy

    stmcelroy Madras, OR Well-Known Member

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    I have this one and it is definitely more difficult to use than my MGW.

    Hardest part is padding the slide between the blocks, the MGW catching the slide slots and doesn't do any damage.

    Also ended up breaking part of it, my fault but still seems like the material was to soft.