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    I have a pre-B CZ-75 and I bought some meprolight night sights that are made for a CZ-75B pistol. The front sight on my pre-B is a stake-on and they don't make sights that fit it anymore. Anyway, I talked to the gunsmith at the "shooter's service center" in Portland and initially he thought he could do the slide cutting but when I got the sights he saw that the front sight dovetail goes in from the front instead of side to side like most pistols. Anyway he says he doesn't have the equipment to do a dovetail that way and I was wondering if there were any gunsmiths around who can cut a slide from the front before I send the sights back to MidwayUSA.

    I was referred to Allison and Carey Gunworks by The Gun Broker, does anyone know anything about them? Tried to call but they were closed already today.

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