Handgun shipping laws/requirements

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by brausso, Feb 14, 2010.

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    I've purchased firearms online before, but it was from dealers. Can somebody tell me the laws and shipping requirements for purchasing a handgun out of state from an individual rather than a dealer. I already know USPS is not an option. So far it sounds VERY expensive.

    Does he need to have his FFL send to my FFL or can he send directly to my FFL? Not sure if it matters or not, but the mag capacity of the firearm is only 7 rounds. Thanks
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    He can ship directly to your FFL (if your FFL will receive it from a non-FFL...ASK your FFL)

    He can not use USPS, he needs to ship of overnight, UPS/FedEX, and it is expensive

    His FFL can send it to your FFL using USPS, it is probably a much cheaper way to ship the handgun, since you as the buyer will be the one paying the shipping.

    My FFL here will send a handgun out for me for $20 + USPS flat rate box

    Mag capacity does not matter for OR/WA as they have no restrictions on capacity.

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