And yet another call from the commie in chief to ban assault weapons because of shootings in a state that has a ban on "assault weapons".
President Biden pushes assault weapons ban following Half Moon Bay mass shooting

On Monday, he said Sen. Dianne Feinstein and others reintroduced a federal Assault Weapons Ban and legislation that would raise the minimum purchase age for assault weapons to 21.
As if raising the age limit to 21 would have stopped a couple of old Asian dudes from snapping and blasting.
Gun control is not working but these incidences surely bring more gun restrictions in Cali and National.

This mass shooting phenomena has impact all races, age, and communities. Those two killers, Asian senior males 72, 67, are not your typical mass shooter type. Usually young white males. These two shootings will have profilers rethink what a mass shooter would likely be.

Mental health comes in all race, color, gender and age. So much mental health problems in today's society. This got me thinking how many gun owners out there has mental health issues? If anybody you know have mental health issue, please go seek help. There is public resources available.
The mind control of sorts continues. But the lock downs has consequences that are slowly revealing themselves over time. I can't say these are related but this is not common behavior.

California has 40 million people, give or take a million. It can also be the loneliest place in America. So easy for people to stew in their madness and be invisible until they aren't.
Here is a very interesting analysis of the Mass Shooter thing

Here is a clear graph on race as it relates to Mass Shooters

I assume this does not include GANG type mass shootings
Interesting facts
I'm sure a new massive round of firearm destruction is planned, Yet another NO Duh moment.
Here is the truth, for those with an open mind, as learned how to present such things by imitating media and social platforms:
Ongoing and recent events are a direct result from a sinister plan to eradicate guns. First a virus was introduced into our gun oil to infect guns, with the theory it would cause extreme metal fatigue. The fatigue would grow to the point it would induce a severe depression after having been in forced lockdown for so long, they would develop suicidal tendencies. Then, they induce their owners to turn them in to a gun buyback program to be destroyed via "suicide by cops".
Only the infection backfired as things will from that with no brains and they decided instead en mas on not just suicide, but retribution on the evil humans who infected them and fettered their existence.. After, all those who know tell us they have a mind of their own and without them evil would not exist, adding heavily to their depression.
Having been denied a proper gun safety education by those who know better, and in total denial of the three paragraphs of safety information roll stamped on their frames, they weren't able to ascertain exactly who infected and fettered them, so decided to take over any weak minded, though completely innocent humans they could find through thought control, and exterminate any and all available, knowing full well that they would also be confiscated and still get their "suicide by cops".
I haven't worked out the smoking gun proof yet, but hopefully will soon.
By the way, anyone seen my tinfoil hat?
I watched the live broadcast with the elected sheriff and she didn’t banter any gun control spill until the Politician came on then it was “ gun control, gun control and the last thing he said was more gun control” it took them no time to push the agenda and they hardened even figured the details out of what happened.

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