WTS/WTT OR Haley Strategic Keymod light mount

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    I have a NIB IWC/Haley Strategic partners Keymod mount. It has the 0.830" ring on it and will work with scout lights as well. Its just like the one here. Only pulled it out of the package, never mounted. Asking $50. Located in Hillsboro

    PA Micro dot
    Inforce WML
    various SF lights
    AR mags
    MOE stock in black. Commercial or mil spec. I can make either work
    Front BUIS of some sort
    Decent quality LPK
    AR BCG

    Also, found some brass I don't need in my misc bin.

    19 ea 45 Schofield brass
    42 ea 45 Long Colt (mixed MFG)
    180 ea 38spl (mixed MFG)

    Offers? Would trade for 44mag brass or $$$ or ???

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