H4895 Powder

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    I picked up a bunch of this powder a while back. I realized I don't need as much as I have. I am, however, woefully under-supplied in other areas of reloading (only been doing it a few months). So I am going to sell or trade my excess.

    So I have two (2) one pound cans of H4895 powder. They are recent production and unopened. If I were to put a cash price on these, it would be $35 per pound or both for $65 (I paid $35 per pound). I am also more that willing to trade. I am looking for the following items:

    Large Rifle Primers (Winchester, Remington, or Federal)
    Small Pistol Primers (Winchester, Rem, Fed, or CCI)
    IMR 4064
    Bullet Puller
    .30-06 Dies
    .45ACP Carbide Dies

    You can certainly offer other gun related items, the worst I will say is a polite no. Payment in either cash or 2 oz. of silver.
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