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I have a SL8-1 & I just bought a Nikon M223 2-8 (BDC) & Leupold QD rings for it. It is a great piece of German engineering; the rifle is modular, has a short stroke piston gas sytem & comes w/ a free-floating hammer forged 20" bull barrel. There are quite a few G36 & SL8 parts and accessories available for the rifle and the secondary parts market is very active. Many guys are converting their rifles to G36 clones, however I'm keeping mine stock since only 5000 were imported. Parts as w/ everything German, and HK, are expensive. That said, the rifles are cheaper now than ever before. I picked my unfired used early grey rifle up for less than a grand, HK is even currently offering a $100 rebate on remaining new black SL8-6s (HK just discontinued the SL8).

Optics: You can get the factory carry handle optics combo w/ a fixed 1.5x, fixed 3.5x (hard to find) & fixed 3.5x/Red Dot combo. The factory carry handle optics are not really that expensive ($350 1.5x, $600 3.5x/Red Dot Combo), but are not highly regarded.They are made by Hensoldt for HK, are cool looking, but the field of view is narrow and they have had quality issues. A Picatinny rail mount is standard w/ SL8-1s & SL8-6s, so accessory optics can be easily added.

Magazines: Factory 10 rd mags can be had for under $50 if you shop around (Remember HK = $$). I lucked out & got three factory mags w/ my used rifle. ProMag is now making 10 & 20 rd mags for the SL8 that sell for under $30.

HK Parts Source:

HKPro forum:

Here are pictures of mine w/o the optics mounted:
View attachment 198986
View attachment 198987
Yeah, I'm considering a black one.

Any idea of what they are planning to replace it with?
I've read about the SL-9, but I doubt that it will make civilian production. Not in the next 2-3 years, anyway.
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