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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Jdl2, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Jdl2

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    Can anyone tell me where to get a good holster for this pistol? Need two: IWB and OWB. Probably would use a shoulder holster too.
  2. spectra

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    Not sure if you have a custom holster maker in your area? If you are looking for a stock model one that fits a M&PC might work. I have a custom IWB for a .40C and my HK slides right in perfectly.
  3. HKUSP40

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    I don't know if you have ever heard of HKparts.net, but at least for my USP they have all manner of holsters on that site. Being able to physically try them I know is better, but it gives you ideas just by looking at them anyway.
    P2000SK eh?? My plan is for that to be my next gun, I'm hoping around February after I get some other things taken care of financially.
  4. ducrider

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    I bought a milt sparks vm2 for my hk p2000, best holster I have ever owned, it's the most comfortable one I have, I can wear it all do and never get tired of it, it almost feels like you aren't even wearing one
  5. MrGray

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    We've got p2000sk holsters from:

    Blade-tech: We have a kydex IWB holster from them. It's thinner kydex and thus a little more comfortable with tight trousers. I seem to recall paring a bit of the holster down with a knife to suit how I grip the gun when drawing - a minor modification.

    Comptac:We have several holsters from them. We use Minotaur IWB holsters for behind the hip IWB carry, and those are the holsters we seem to use most often. We also have kydex paddle holsters from Comp Tac - very nice for range use, classes, etc. Probably 75-80% of the time we carry a p2000sk it's in one of the Minotaur holsters. Excellent security, excellent comfort, great quality. Doing business with Comp-Tac has been great. If I were to own only one holster for the p2000sk it would be the Comp-Tac Minotaur, for sure. (I think we also have a neutral cant Minotaur for AIWB carry)

    Galco: we have a Concealable OWB leather holster - very comfortable if OWB is appropriate. We also have Galco Miami Classic style shoulder rigs - mostly for situations (like driving) where we'll be seated for a long time. If you buy a Galco shoulder harness and plan on wearing it for extended periods I'd suggest getting the wider straps, as the narrower standard straps sort of grind a groove in your shoulder over a 12 hour day of wearing the harness.

    Those are the holsters I remember because they get used. There are probably a couple of others we've tried over the years but got consigned to the 'other holster' box for one reason or another.

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