H&K Ar15 Magazine Review


Botach had these mags on sale so a picked up a couple, and thought I would share.

Everything H&K makes is worth its weight in gold right? Not always it would seem.

These mags look great, have an anti tilt follower and are made of a light weight translucent polymer; whats not to like? Well first and foremost they are incredibly hard to seat in my PSA lower. You really need to slam them up there like some mad doctor giving his father in law a colonoscopy. Once they are in there the texturing is does not fit the standard Ar15 magwell lines so it looks slightly out of place. Another con is that they are quite a bit wider than a standard GI mag. About an 1/8 of an inch wider in fact.

In their defense, once seated all the way in, they have had zero malfunctions, and they drop free. I wont be buying anymore however, and I would rather have lancer, pmag or good old GI mags over them.
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I've heard of a few people with psa lower mag well problems being out of spec. Have you tried them in another lower? Either way thanks for the review
Personally I am not a HK fan. I just don't get the smugness and the high prices, but I do love the MP5. I'm not saying everyone who owns HK is smug etc. but it's just not my cup of tea. And yes I can afford them but I rather let another company enjoy my hard earned money.

Having said all that, I am a fan of Magpul, but I do like some metal mags too. I picked up a Teflon coated black metal mag that has a palmetto state armory bottom plate on it, and that mag has shot great so far and I like the looks but when SHTF, I trust magpul. I would like to try some lancer mags too and maybe some troy battle mags be nice too.

HK can take their stuff and shove it where the sun don't shine lol yeah yeah they are mainly for the Military and or LE market or whatever...... so I've heard. Oh and I hear HK's customer service is a joke... but not having experienced it myself, I guess I shouldn't talk like I know what I'm talking about lol.

Nice AR pistol btw... you should get a sig SB15 for it if you don't already have one.... I have one on my AR pistol and it's the shiznet..... F the SBRs!


They had a sale over Memorial Day weekend, buy 3 get one free from the H&K webstore. I ordered 6 and they shipped 8. They work fine in my ArmaLite M15.
I've gone through a LOT of magazines throughout the years and I've found that the standard GI mags with a MagPul anti-tilt follower with a loop of paracord on the bottom works best for me.

Every plastic magazine I've owned has failed in some way...I saw the allure of plastic, see-thru mags until the one I was using split in half and threw bullets everywhere. I like the PMag, but my distrust to plastic has already been set too deep from experience to fall for it again.

By the way, I have about five metal HK mags and they're great

I doubt they're worth $50 each, but I've never had an issue with them. My only complaint is that they're heavy and they're about a half an inch longer than standard AR mags, so they don't fit in standard AR mag pouches.


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