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Has anyone had experience with the H&K 770 rifles? They are a .308 / 7.62㎜ sporting rifle produced back in the day. I'm not up on all things H&K, but the traditional styling, the chambering, and the 4 and 10-round magazines are interesting. The one I'm looking at on an auction site has some nice original optics and mount too. All that said, I don't know a whole lot about them. And, for the matter, I'm not sure on the parts and magazines for these.

Anywho, I haven't bid upon said yet, but I have it on watch. Any thoughts (good, bad, or ugly) on the topic would be of interest. Thoughts on what is a reasonable bid price and what the spare parts situation looks like would also be good to know. Vielen Dank.
Mine was a poly bore, I think they all were. If I recall I paid $1500-ish for it around 1994 which adjusted for inflation would make it like $3000 in todays dollars.
As I remember, H&K experimented a lot with the Pollygon bore barrels but went back to more conventional rifling after a while. They tried them on a broad range of there guns. I studied them at one point. Don't think they were particularly accurate but easy to clean. Isn't this a little more sporting version of the SL7?
Thanks all for the thoughts, etc. I just checked the auction and it is almost over. It is currently at just under $2K. Considering I don't have any experience with them, and the price of mags, I think I will pass on this one. Though, I will say, they do look neat-o. Thanks again. :)
I have a HK 630 (.223 version of the same gun) and it's a great rifle, but mags and accessories are exceedingly hard on the wallet and can be difficult to source. It took my years to find 30mm rings for mine. That said, they're very well-made, accurate, and reliable. Keep in mind the scope mount alone goes for around $500, so if it comes with a mount then $2k is a good price, especially if you get a couple mags with it.
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