Here's another path, sew discord in the ranks. I don't recommending reading this until after you've had a couple drinks.

Pentagon training manual: white males have unfair advantages | Fox News

A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that "healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian" men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called "White Male Club."

"Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege," reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).
DEOMI instructors were also responsible for briefings at bases around the country that falsely labeled evangelical Christians, Catholics and a number of high-profile Christian ministries as domestic hate groups.
"Whites are the empowered group," the manual declares. "White males represent the haves as compared to the have-nots."

The military document advises personnel to "assume racism is everywhere, every day" and "notice code words for race." They are also instructed to "understand and learn from the history of whiteness and racism."

Apparently Al Sharpton writes our military training manuals now.

So now it's acceptable, check that, mandatory to be sexist, racist, anti-religious bigots, and to judge people according to their sexual preference. Isn't that illegal under our civil rights laws?

I get it though. Promote only the muzzie/gay/whatevers who repeatedly spew their anti-US/Christian views and when they attack their fellow troops we'll just call it "Workplace Violence." Won't be long till morale drops far enough that the patriots stop signing up and the armed forces cease being a strong conservative voting block.

Fundamentally transforming the country.
Also training people, that, for all intent and purpose, are the enemies of the US is treason and subversion.
It is time it is treated that way.
Sorry about double posting the original link.

Wait til you see this one.

Top generals: Obama is ‘purging the military’

(quote)We cannot survive without increasing patriotism, a youth schooled in the Constitution,
Brady said. “If the uncommon common American is to prevail against the elite, we need to return to the truths of our Constitution.

We need to realize that this recent assault on the military and veterans is no accident,” Brady added. “It is purposeful. The elite loathe our military, the one sure guarantor of our freedom. These elite – not a shutdown or default – and their assault on the Constitution and our military are the real threat to our future.(end quote)

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