I'll try to keep it short and sweet! I was born and raised in Portland but live in Sandy, OR now with a blended family. Soon after meeting my wife I dove head first into handguns, doing some background reading first and then buying an H&K VP9. I had to sell it, but later on bought a Rock Island Armory M206 but then traded that in for an EAA Windicator (Weihrauch HW 357, picture attached). I currently have my eye on an RIA GI Standard FS .45 ACP 1911 (#51421). I still need to do some homework on them though.

I work full time and have a busy family life so I need to block in time to have some 2nd Amendment therapy :p

The only place I know to shoot around this area that I know of that isn't closed off is off 26 near Brightwood at MP 36 (?). I'd love to not only pick ya'alls brains about that, but also find other related activities in the area, volunteer to clean up someplace, or maybe just find people to go shooting with! I look forward to learning from everybody and I am glad to be here!


Not much is happening at....the post office? :p
Lol, I know. It was one of the favorite phrases of bad German thrown around on on post. The correct response was, "Nix is loss in der Bundespost". Once we threw this phrase around several times we would continue drinking.

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