Now that Brightwater is no longer 'smithing, who do we have in Clark County?

I went out there last Friday for a part for a Blackhawk & he said he's done. He didn't have any suggestions as to where to go.
The one time I had a need for some smithing I went to brighwater, before I knew these other guys. Mike wasn't able to help me in the end either. But during my search, the pickings were slim for options. These are the only two I know of.

Clark County Gunsmithing
Phone/Fax: 360-694-7858
Vancouver, WA 98661
Firearm Care, Repair, Restoration, Modification, FFL transfer (including CA)

Les is a really nice guy. I've only done transfers with him, but I really like him.

Christensen Custom Stocks
360-247-5234 or 213-5980

Keith is an older gentleman. He was one of my instructors a couple years ago... I like him too. FYI-little more hard of hearing though on phone conversations.

Can't vouch for actual work, since I haven't had need yet. But they've both been very decent to deal with in terms of personality and both seem like good honest men--for what it's worth.

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