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I recently changed my state residency. In my old state the gunshops usually had a lay-a-way program of some sorts. The shop I used the most allowed 30-45 days to pay off an item.

Now that I am in a new state, I have noticed that the shops here do not do lay-a-way. This really sucks for me since I have purchased the vast majority of my purchases (probably 60-70 of the 90 guns I have bought in the past three years) were don through a lay-a-way program. Granted I usually only left the gun on lay-a-way for about a week or two before not being able to stand it anymore and paying it off and picking it up.

I find that without the option of lay-a-way I tend to buy a lot less. I am much more able to justify a gun if I can pay for it in three or four installment. I am much more likely to say "It is just $200 a week for three weks..I'll take it." than I am to shell out $600 at one pop.

Anyone else wish more shops here offered this option?
Welcome to Washington, glad you're here... now when you post some of those beauties up for sale it will just be a simple FTF!

None of the local shops advertise a layaway, but as you build a relationship with some of the guys you'll find that there are a few who will put items away for you as you pay them off.
The local shop I buy from let's me put $20 down and 20 a month till I pay it off. No time limit which is really nice. But like u I get gun fever and have to have it so I buy it after a month or so lol. But im also in Oregon
The Gun Shop in Longview does layaway, and so does Sporty's in Clatskanie.
I'm usually in the same boat... Find a gun I just Gotta have, but can't justify it right away. Put it on layaway to secure it, then magically scrounge the cash within a week or so.
Reds Trading Post on gunbroker. Very reasonable prices no CC fees, cheap shipping and free layaway. :s0155: You just have to have a local FFL to pick up from here.:eek:

Mark W.

But then the gun you are looking at could be long gone.

True for some guns. Though we been seeing less and less used guns in the shops and most of what they carry are of the mass produced variety.

You could always save up ahead of time!!!

We put all our pocket change and pop/beer/water bottle money in a piggy bank and in less then 4 years have saved almost $2500 to wards our 3 and 4 year old (in Feb) grand daughters education.

I used to do the same thing to be able to buy a nice camera lens every once and a while.

Just a way to avoid CC interest and to have a little emergency money on hand.
I always figured gun stores still do lay-away because the wife will know if I put the credit card down for a new gun, but I can pretty easily pilfer 20 or 30 bucks a week out of the budget towards my a new gun I put on lay-away. :s0155:
I asked about that at Northwest Armory prob 10 years ago or so when I wanted to buy my Glock.
They didnt have any layaway then.
Not sure about now.


Layaway programs were a mainstay in places (and times) where I grew up. Gave the working man a chance for a dream, and with honest obligation an opportunity to secure a particular firearm with a minor initial outlay of cash. Also gave the wives and honeys a chance to put their "butter and egg" money toward sweetie's birthday gift.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where most people think it is okay to not do what you said you would do. This extends to things other than merchant exchanges.

I can understand why many gun shops don't do it anymore. I also know that their decision came directly from their clientele's behavior.

Persons who do what they say are becoming more rare. Persons who don't, are terrified by those who do. We are now in the minority. I scare people all the time.
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