Guns on Military Bases?

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    In the, is this for real files

    Obama says he will sign a bill which will allow firearms to be carried on base?
    A RARE OUTBREAK OF SANITY: Military May Soon Be Able to Pack Heat on Base.

    "Support for expanded concealed carry privileges on stateside bases is equally high among all branches of the service. Those in the reserves are slightly more supportive of this proposal than those on full-time active duty or who are retired. An amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) would allow service personnel to carry concealed weapons, and President Obama indicated this afternoon that he would indeed sign the bill into law once it arrives on his desk."

    I certainly hope this doesn't raise visibility and thus a veto.

    As the article states, we'll believe it when we see it.
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    Every person in uniform has been through basic. It wouldn't take much to get a little more
    emphasis on firearms training, and incorporate it as part of periodic fitness checks.

    Personal opinion: If you are in the military you are under arms. Period. All the time, every day.
    Everyone from the rear echelon clerk typist to the front line troops.
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    Wouldn't the local base commanders still be responsible for the final permission? Since BO is the CIC, and he picks the military leadership he likes, wouldn't this be essentially the same thing as before?

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