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Beautiful leather. Is this custom? Website?
Scored big on ebay. Found two hard to find mags for my trusty Jericho in 45acp. These were Mec-Gar mags made for IWI and since they discontinued the pistol and the pandemic, mags for this thing have been unobtanium. I paid a bit more than I should have but they were probably the last two on the planet. Nice add to my hoard of Jericho mags.

Also got my CRKT CEO (I'm a whore for most things CRKT) to replace my trusty single blade Swiss army knife, which I have recently lost. Hopefully this thing will perform as well. Now that this one has arrived, I'm sure my list one will show up any minute now.

IMG_20210415_214716.jpg IMG_20210415_154505.jpg
H2 and H3 buffer’s and Sprinco springs Orange, Red, Blue, Hot white.

It’s going to become a system to test for how I could tame/tune a rifles/pistols recoil impulse while maintaining reliability.
Just bought this rather flamboyant Schofield on GB now. Nickle plated, pearlite grips, .38 ... teehee. (Wife authorized my wackiness because she thought it was "pretty" and I have another pistol for sale that should come close to covering this one. That and we're closing in on a Margolin for her.)

extravagante 38.jpg


Upgraded the trigger and springs in my LCP.. A MUST UPGRADE for everyone who owns an LCP.

I purchased the Mcarbo LCP Spring Kit and Flat Trigger Upgrade Kit along with their Takedown Pin. These parts truly transformed my LCP! Everyone knows the trigger that came from Ruger is absolutely horrible and makes the LCP very difficult to shoot. No longer!

I just installed the Mcarbo parts listed above and instantly noticed an amazing transformation. The trigger is now smooth, trigger take-up is short and the trigger break is crisp. It no longer has that long dreadful long trigger pull. Trigger pull weight was reduced from a measured 6.5 lbs to 4.5 lbs. Last and certainly not least the wide flat trigger is well designed, comfortable along with perfect finger placement. The Mcarbo parts truly transform the LCP into a highly effective shootable pistol.

I just got back from the range and I put 50 rounds through it. Before the Mcarbo upgrade I could never get consistently tight groups and it was frustrating to shot. Tonight I consistently got tight groups for the first time ever it is now fun to shoot. More importantly I am now confident I can defend myself with my LCP and would be able to put the shots where necessary to stop the threat.

Just so I am clear - does this apply to my LCP II .380 pocket rocket? I feel like that caliber / frame combo is going to be an unpleasant little beast no matter what. I bought it as a cheap little backup, so while I am reluctant to drop $175 on sight upgrades (about what I paid for the gun), better spring and trigger might make good sense. Your thoughts?
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