GUNRUNNER: 'Blame Bush' option is out

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, Apr 28, 2011.

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    PITTSBURGH — With Congressional investigators now on the ground in Arizona, as reported by CBS News and this column, new revelations about the controversial “Project Gunrunner” and its Phoenix off-shoot, “Operation Fast and Furious” are anticipated during the National Rifle Association convention, which opens here tomorrow, but one thing is clear from documents and interviews: This strategy only goes back to 2009, after the Obama administration took charge.

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    And the beat goes on Dave. How far up the food chain will this go? How long before some sacrificial senior lamb is offered up with a slap on the hands and an early retirement. As the ATF drags their feet, they are circling their wagons and planning "plausible deniability" contingency plans for those on top that have always been untouchable. I hope they find and prosecute all involved, but as seen before in the past so many times, I fear all the big fish will escape the net as usual. I hope this time that I'm wrong, but past events that the ATF have been involved in have left far to much doubt that its about WE THE PEOPLE, and more about POWER OVER THE PEOPLE. Keep up the good work Dave.

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