I did not give these guys a "poor" because I have never been in the shop. However, I have talked to three different customer service representatives on the phone.

Because of gas prices I call most shops before I visit to see if they can actually help me with my problem, or sell what I am looking for. I once called asking if they had any used 10/22 rifles below Bi-Mart sale prices. (Fair question?) Their response: "That's kind of a dumb question. Why would we do that when we can take a beater and turn it into a custom gun and sell it for . . ." I didn't hear the rest of the response because I hung up the phone.

I appreciate honesty, but telling a customer they are asking a "dumb question" . . . WTF?

My 10/22 money went to Bi-Mart and my gunsmithing business went to Ole's.

Joe Link

Wow. It's too bad that poor customer service is so common when it comes to gun shops. Luckily, the opposite is usually true for gun and accessory manufacturers. If this site takes off like it has the potential to do, maybe they'll realize they're losing business because the word is getting out.
That guy working at that place is an jerk
wich guy was it? let me get this straight. you went there once a couple years ago, asked some questions about a line of pistols they didn't carry at that time, havn't been back since and formulated an oppinion that quickly? and then felt so strongly about your experiences two years ago with an unidentified person that you felt compelled to come here and tell everyone about it?

have you ever been to one of his customer appreciation days? ridden on the hay ride with ron? had a free lunch? talked with one of the several factory reps that come? i'm sure the factory rep from kahr could have answered your questions. they mark every gun in the place down to their cost for the whole three day weekend. have you ever bought one?

perhaps another trip over there is in order. you might find things have changed.
i felt that i should point out that i dont owe doug anything. i dont have any affiliation with his store. i'm just a customer. his shop is a couple blocks from where i work. some times i stop in on the way home and sit there on one of the stools and b.s for an hour. i appreciate that. stools are disappearing from gun shops all across the valley. even my cousin doesn't have any at his shop. his prices are high on some stuff, but i dont mind spending an extra twenty bucks to keep a local guy in business. i could have got it at sportsman's wh0rehouse for less. the oregon state police trusts him with their sniper rifles, and they've never buggered up one of my guns. i shot a custom fifle built from scratch at guncrafters in the eighties at fcrgc. twenty years after they built it, it still shot sub moa with factory ammo, and the old timer that owned it was pleased as pie.
Doug was the guy I was talking about. The thing is, between my experience and the other guys I work with- yeah, that's enough for me.... BTW, yeah, it only takes a few minutes with him to determine what he is.... kinda goes with the job...

Also, I never said I had been there only once... I was pointing the last incident that made me decide to never recommend nor spend my money at that place. Also, OSP does not send all of their guns to him... The guys stationed in the area go there but probably because he was the low bidder... if, in fact, they had a contract with him...

Let me say something, I am tired of spending money to be treated like crap. I get treated like that all day at work; seems that if I am off duty and looking to spend my money someone might take just a couple of minutes out of his day standing there looking like the king, to answer a question- and seem... pretend... to be interested in earning my business.

I think that place has just been around so long that they don't feel they need to have any type of customer service. Good for them- I'll go somewhere else... even if it has to be Sportsmans...
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today was my first time at guncrafters and I was pleased how friendly doug was especially considering there were about 10 people in there. Doug was cracking jokes and doing 3 things at once. If this was anything like normal I will go back.
I must be lucky, I had a few very good experiences at Guncrafters. This summer, my nephew attended the youth event at Mitchell's Clay Target Center. He was very fortunate to win a 20 gauge shotgun that was DONATED by Guncrafters. They were very pleased to give this shotgun to a "beginng" shooter. They also threw in 5 boxes of ammo, a cleaning kit, and a case. Doug was very pleasant to my nephew/us and we will be going back soon.


I wanted my first post with you guys to be a positive one, which is why I used it to extoll the virtues of Mick over at MLC. My second post is going to be not so positive, and while I'd had plenty of previous encounters at Guncrafters, some fine, some iffy, leading up to the following, the story I'm going to relay pretty well sealed the deal for me that I'll be spending my money elsewhere. This is copied from the post I originally made over on some time ago, entitled....

"Had a gun pointed at my head today... a gun dealer!!!

I went into my local gun shop, actually the one where I purchased my Glock 19 a few months back, and where I've always had fairly positive experiences. Went to look at a Glock for a buddy of mine who's going to be getting his license soon.

So, most all of this guy's Glocks are sold with Glock Tac Lights attached to them as a "bundle" deal. My buddy didn't really want to pay an extra $80 for a light he really didn't want, so we asked him about the possibility of buying the gun without the light. He proceeds to try and sell us on his "bundle" by telling us what a "great deal it is" and what a "great light it is", and gets the gun out from behind the glass counter, and hands it to me (without checking the chamber first and covering myself and another customer in the process, mind you.)

I check the chamber like he should have, and point the light up against the wall on the far side of the store. (Where there's no people standing!) I gave a "Hmmph", the light is a light, but not impressively bright, and I say so. He proceeds to snatch the gun from my hand, and with an "Oh yeah? Watch this!" or something to that effect, points the gun right at my face and clicks the light on, to apparently demonstrate it's "incredible BG blinding powers".

Needless to say, I was not impressed with his final gun safety indiscretion, pretty much said "Ok, have a nice day...", turned and left, and don't plan to step foot in there again. So, I can officially say I've looked down the wrong end of a gun, and didn't like it one bit!"

So, there's my opinion of Guncrafters, and why I'll be spending my dollars with Mick instead. Thanks everybody.
You must be real tight with Dougie. The guy is a jerk. Talks down to nearly everyone and does NOT provide any kind of customer service.

I'd drive from Salem to the Philomath Gun Shop, just to be treated as a valued customer.

Go to Doug if you want to get insulted and pay more for your guns at the same time. What a deal.

I drove down their a year ago with 2k cash, left with 2k cash. Got a very negative feeling about the guy, stuff he was telling a customer just to sell parts. From what I saw it's a semi hack job. Sorry, but that's what I saw. He may be a nice if you know him.
I'm done even going in there anymore; there is NO reason to be charging $300+ for a Keltec P32. Sucks that they are the only small business open on my days off. They won't even talk to me when I go in there anymore.
I gave a poor score... I called with a list of rifles I was looking for and had cash in had for all of them this is how it played out with the man...

Do you have a Socom... "I dont sell those pieces of crap

ok, do you have a PS90... "Once a again that is a piece of crap, whats next on your little list"

Well, do you have a FS2000?..."Not a chance, if all your into is crap guns, call someone else"...

Ok, how about a Smith @ Wesson MP15T..."I dont carry that crap either"...

Needless to say, I never call this man again or go to his shop. I ended up spending my money with the Gun Broker off of 82nd Ave (very nice people)...

Thats my story with these guys...


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