Gun Violence.


Gun Violence. Why is it happening and what can be done to prevent it?

Most of us here know that guns don’t kill people, people gone wrong kill other people. My keyboard does not misspell words, I do. You can’t blame the keyboard.

What is really sad is that some of our elected politicians are grandstanding on the tragic events of children being killed to promote their anti gun agenda. Can they really be so ignorant that they do not recognize the real problem with our society? I doubt it and believe that they are using evil guns as and excuse to cover up their failure as our elected officials to actually do something that will make a difference.

The problem is that we as a society have failed our young people. We coddle then and there are no consequences or punishment for their illegal actions. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to lock them up and throw away the key, I want to help them, save them.

Little Johnny shoplifts and get caught. What happens? Slap on the wrist, no no Johnny, bad boy don’t do that. Then he steals a car. No no Johnny, bad boy don’t do that. Then little Johnny burglarizes a home and later robs a corner store. Again, no no Johnny, bad boy, don’t do that. Another slap on the wrist with no consequences or punishment.

So, we have trained little Johnny to learn that he can do whatever he wants and not get in any real trouble, so he keeps doing it. We house train our new puppies better than we do our youth.

Solution: The first time shoplifting, weekends in jail for a month. And then move it up from there for repeat offenders. Maybe a boot camp type environment for those who don’t get the message that there is a price to pay when you break the law.

We could save a lot of kids if we as a society provide the guidance that they are not receiving at home. We would be doing them a favor and they would recognize that later in life.

I would gladly pay a tax increase for this type of program. It would pay off in the long run compared to what we pay later to incarcerate them.

Sorry for the rant, but our elected officials need to wake up and actually do something that will make a difference. If you want to fix a problem, attack the root of the problem. Otherwise it will grow back. It won’t happen overnight, but we need to start now to make better place for our children to live in.
It's not "gun violence".
It's not a problem. The number of people killed by guns everyday pale in comparison to so many other factors (swimming pools, hammers, hands and feet, knives, etc.)
If the idiots that people elected really cared about the safety of people there are hundreds of more dangerous issues they could pursue in the interest of saving lives.
They don't care about saving lives, they are looking to latch onto hot button issues and put a feather in their cap saying they "did something" in hopes of getting reelected or promoted to a higher paying job. It's all about money and power.
If wiping their posterior with the bill of rights would buy them votes they will gladly do it.
I think we do need to instill more responsibility in our youth. However, this tends to go against society's ever-increasing nanny-take-care-of-you-government.

I also think we need to continue to increase the presence of cognitive behavioral education in schools.
There is no such thing as "gun violence" that is a fabricated propaganda term to evoke emotion, not logical reasoning,

People are violent, guns are not capable of doing anything by themselves without a human actor. You can speak of Gang Violence, criminal violence or some such like that, but 'Gun Violence is a propaganda term, just like "assault weapon" is a propaganda term, not something the exists in reality.

First thing you can do is not allow the enemy to define the discussion by accepting their terminology.

The second thing you can do is work to reduce the major source of criminal violence...that is gangs, by killing their funding...that is the War on Drugs.
From 1984-2012 352 people were killed in mass shootings in the World- as in the entire world ! How many millions of people died from alcohol-drug abuse-traffic crashes medical mistakes ? Millions perhaps - probably so actually Doctors are more dangerous then firearms.. In fact Eric Holder is responsible for more deaths with firearms then all the gun owners in the world..


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