Other State Gun violence has sharply declined in California's Bay Area. What happened?


Some cities there have some smarter programs where they use data to identify people at risk of using guns and of being shot. Once identified they do a lot. LOT. Of outreach from all over the show. It helps. However it’s a huge amount of work.

I don’t see it as anti gun in effect, it is doing a lot of what we say, target the criminals only in this case they are targeting before the event.
In my opinion it's economics, drugs and proximity. I lived in Hayward, which is the East bay. While it was a decent neighborhood, it was "affordable", but not much to look at. I found out from a friend Hayward was a major drug hub in 80s-90s.

Oakland, Richmond, Hercules and small parts of San Francisco were the main violent areas. Some were really violent. Northern California gangs were very different than SoCal, but Oakland was every bit a dangerous as Watts or Compton at it's worst. As the money from cocaine~crack started to dry up and the economy recovered the people who hated each other moved away so the feuds faded. For the most part I think people shoot other people for more petty reasons than outright fear. If you can get distance between the two parties the pettiness and need to shoot a person can go away.
Gentrification is what happened. With yuppies building condos all over East Bay because they got priced out of San Francisco, it kind of pushes all the thugs, gang-bangers and poorer people out of the neighborhood. The same thing happened in Northeast Portland in the late 90s when the trendy hipster/yuppie Alberta/Albina districts replaced the old run-down and pretty ghetto inner NE Portland hoods. Most of the thugs and poorer people are going to the Midwest now or the more inexpensive cities on the Eastern seaboard like Baltimore. The crime rates in those places are sky high still.


I'm guessing they just changed the definition of "violent " crime. Probably it's only gun violence if somebody dies or multiple people are shot.
Oakland is still a crap hole and always will be.
Just like they raised the dollar value of a felony theft then said felony thefts decreased.
A little side effect of Prop 47.


I'm guessing they just changed the definition of "violent " crime.
Just like they raised the dollar value of a felony theft then said felony thefts decreased.
A little side effect of Prop 47.

Most crime in these cities is not considered crime anymore.

That and I’ll put money on the fact that there are a ton of missing or never got filed police reports.

Statistics look great when you stop enforcing or reporting.


Turns out we are all individuals and it's very hard to say that a sweeping policy is needed for everyone or will have the same outcome.

For example, you could say banning guns in the Amish community has lead to ground breaking levels of peace and prosperity.

Only, they are Amish, turns out even if you didn't do Jack crap in that area the same result would have happened. Then you could go into a favela in Brazil and take the same action and end up scratching your head wondering why it didn't work.

The root of all actions of evil lie at the feet of the evil individuals that performed them.

And as long as evil exists having the tools to protect against evil will be prudent.

Even long after the day evil ceases to exist if it ever does come, we will still want those tools because they are fun.

Some people play golf their whole lives, I sling lead.
"Eventually, thugs killing each other and dying from drug OD’s will outpace their demographic birthrate replacement."
We can hope, but don't hold your breath.
The Uentermenschen propagate at a prodigious rate when you pay them to breed.

"Even long after the day evil ceases to exist if it ever does come, we will still want those tools because they are fun."
When the chips are down and it's your life on the line guns beat golf clubs as the implement of choice for dealing with the situation. ;)


I didn't read the whole arricle, but it seems we finally have a solution!
Catch and release of criminals and greater disparity of wealth!
Make 4/5's of the people choose between a gun and bread, and you betcha they'd rather eat!
Spread the word!


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