Gun Trends vs. Darkening Social Mood.

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    An interesting article on gun buying/shooting trends. Apply the following article to that and you can see an overall trend.

    "We talked about the transformation of the gun culture a couple of weeks ago on the podcast. Here's my nut graf: The gun culture has morphed from a hobbyist culture focused largely on hunting and somewhat on formal competition (back in the 1960s and earlier) into a more coherent culture built around self-defense, concealed carry, RKBA issues, training, competition and some hunting. The elements of our culture that are growing, as noted by another poster, are self-defense/concealed carry...and that growth is in demographics where we historically have never been strong — women, young men, etc."

    "Socionomics is the study of social action that expresses social moods. It is counterintuitive. Most of us believe news events and outside actions cause changes in mood. Socionomics holds that no outside forces change trends and patterns in social mood. Instead, it arises from unconscious herding impulses traced back to evolutionary origins and patterened according to the Elliott Wave principal. In fact, it is these changes in social mood that motivate social action and the interpretation of "news" and events. "

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