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Still have my VEPR-12 and 20" 7.62x54r. both new in box unfired.

My poor vepr-12 has gone though thousands of shells. i lost track. pretty much every range trip I would put at least 200-300 shells through it. The dust cover broke off on it at one point during live fire lol. That tin POS cover was annoying anyway. still runs just fine without it. :cool:

Of all my long guns that would be the first go-to gun for home defense loaded with '00 buck.

As for things you don't really see around anymore: cheap ammo, in stock ammo, Old military surplus guns like an old 30-06 M1903 for cheap. People want gold for them now a days.

As for wood and blued steel: still plenty of that around. Just take 1 trip to a shotgun trap/skeet/sporting clays range and that's about all you will see there. Synthetic/tactical shotguns are in the minority and break actions make up the vast majority.
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