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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by M.Link, Dec 26, 2009.

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    I know we have a section for reviews but I searched and didnt find one for Buck Wild Shooters Supply in McMinnville. I am not very impressed with the shop. Ive been in there a few times and after my last stop in, I figured I should let you guys know about my expriances there. When you are the only one in there he is friendly and nice but if he is with somebody be prepared to wait! I walked in and he was talking to a guy about Suppressors, I came in there and he didnt say hi or even look at me. I waited about 10-15 min. before he really even more than glanced at me. When he finally did I asked to see one of his ARs and he kinda slowly looked around for his keys and then about 5 min. later he handed it to me. I had money in my pocket, ready to buy, but his price was WAY to high and he wasnt helpful at all. This is how it has been on my other visits too. He always trys to sell me some kind of Ruger too. I honestly wouldnt buy a pair of earplugs from the guy after seeing how he acts.

    Today I went to Guncrafters, which I have herd bad things about, but I love the place. The guy is always really nice and helpful. He sold me a set of Trijicon Night Sights for my G21 and installed them while I waited for 89.99. I ordered a Extended Mag release, Slide Stop Lever, and Take Down Lever thing for my Glock also from him today. He ordered them for what his dealer cataloge said for price, not the retail, he covered shipping, and said that he will install them when they come in for free. I wanted to order a cheaper Mag Release, a 15.00 one instead of a 32.00 one but he said he had bad experiance with it and wouldnt sell one or install it. He guaranteed I would like the one I ordered or he would return it for me. I really like Guncrafters!
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    Doug is a good guy, and a good business man too. I've known him for many years, and bought many of his products. He's fair and always willing to talk to you on any subject. Happy New year Guncrafters!!
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    I have never heard any thing bad about Guncrafters except from the guys who did a homemade hack job on their firearm(s) and expect to get it fixed for the price of what it would have had they (the customer) not 'got all creative with the homemade gun smithing skills'.

    Several years ago I walked in with a 10/22 that I bought used that would jam every stinking round no matter what ammo I shot. The guy behind the counter was in a full conversation with his buddy and with out missing a beat of the conversation he asked me what I wanted and I quickly told him my story and took the rifle from my hands (I might have been 20 at the time) and went right back into his conversation while taking apart the 10/22. He had for about 10 minutes and replaced something, put it back together and charged me $10.00. He told me that the previous owner had wanted it fixed but was a jerk about his pricing and must have sold it to me at the Salem gun show where I bought it.

    So who doesn't like Guncrafters and why?

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    I was told buy a few people that the guy, Doug is his name I guess, was a jerk and nobody there could answer questions and I was told "don't go there, they have horrible reviews!". Everytime I ask a question the person can either answer it off the top of their head or they get me the answer right away. One of my N.S. They put on had a problem so I took it back the next day and with no questions he replaced it for free.
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    sounds like Guncrafters is a place I would like to stop in at. Where is it?
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    Its in South Salem on 13th and Hoyt. Its a nice shop with good selection. Not as big as keiths or something but better service IMO. Worth the drive from Portland ide say.
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    Beauty is always in the eye of the gun-holder, in my view.

    Put another way, I have tried on several occasions to like Guncrafters, and I have failed each time. That's not to say that it's a bad shop or an awful shop or that the guys who run it are bad or awful guys; it's just not for me, and for a variety of reasons. I've now stopped trying to like it and have moved on.

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