Gun Sales Aren't Slowing: Feb 2016 Sets Near Record for BGC's Nationally

Discussion in 'Firearm Legislation & Activism' started by etrain16, Mar 2, 2016.

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    In a year where we have a candidate on one side of the political spectrum that has assured Americans that gun control will be something they will pursue if elected, it appears that Americans continue to express their concern over such potential legislation by doing what they do best - buying more guns.

    BGC's in February 2016 hit 2.6 million, placing that month only behind December 2012 (2.8 million post Sandy Hook) and the record holder - December 2015 with 3.3 million. It's amazing that the February numbers continue to show a huge surge in gun buying even after the gift buying month has passed. Heck, maybe people showed their Valentines they cared by giving them the gift of self defense ;)

    From the article:

    Federal background checks linked to gun sales shot through the roof in the month of February, according to FBI data released Wednesday.

    The agency processed 2.6 million firearms background checks last month — making it the third-biggest on record.

    A new all-time high was set last December when 3.3 million federal background checks were recorded.

    The second-biggest month remains December 2012, a period that saw the Sandy Hook school massacre, when the FBI logged 2.8 million checks.


    What seems clear to me is that Americans are not happy with the direction of this country or of many of it's politicians. I am encouraged by this trend and I hope it continues, and I hope it reflects a lot of new gun owners, who become pro-gun voters in both local and federal elections.

    One thing is certain though, if this trend does continue, gun-grabbers are going to have their hands beyond full trying to get them back out of the hands of Americans.

    Molon Labe a-holes!!!
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    Viva la Revelotion!!!

    Sorry I'm in a bit of a combative mood today... I hope at least half of those 2.6m background checks were for first time buyers...

    The more folks who own arms, the more difficult it'll be for the gubermint to come and git 'em...

    Keep stocking up on ammo and components, that's the one commodity they could interrupt, easily...
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    That's what I"m talking about!
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    Well...I am thinking that perhaps I should also buy a firearm. I have been considering it for a long time. Ever since my previously purchased weapons were lost during a river crossing in a remote locale during a camping trip. Yes, all of them. Completely unrecoverable due to the swift current. And the pirhanas. And the headhunters. Yes, unlikely as it sounds I am sure many here have had similar misfortunes. So. summing up, no need to send any one to my address as I own no guns.
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