So I currently own 2 handguns and 3 rifles. I've got another 3 handguns and 3 long guns I'd like to pick up in the next 2 years. My wife and I are moving to Cali where her dad and her uncle both have guns but don't have them in safes. Her dad has 3 or 4 rifles and 2 handguns, her uncle has 2 long guns and 1 handgun. I'll be keeping the majority of their guns in my safe when we move. Figure that to being around 12 long guns and 8 handguns. I'm trying to decide what to buy and how much to spend.

I'm going to buy a safe that will accommodate at least twice what I'm counting right now which means I need a safe with a capacity of 24 long guns and 16 hand guns. I'd also like to be able to store my wife's jewelry (thankfully she doesn't have a ton), as well as important paperwork. I figure the equivalent of 20 inches cubed should be plenty for that stuff.
- So when you guys bought your safe, what size did you get and what did you plan to put inside? Have you had to upgrade?

Fire Rating:
Being that we'll be in California, I'd like at least 60 minute fire rating but I need to do more research here. From the little reading I've done, the way the safes are rated varies by manufacturer. For example, some start the time when they start the fire, where others start the time when the fire reaches the rated temperature (or something along those lines).
- So what fire rating does your safe have, and do you still expect it to last or do you wish you'd gone higher? Have you ever owned a safe that burned and how did the contents hold up?

There are several differences in thickness, number of bolts and bolt pattern, and even how you store it. While this obviously matters, I'm still trying to decide the right security to cost ratio. Something else to consider is the value to cost ratio.
- What did you decide was best? Did you spend more money on one security feature over another? If you can remember, what was the ratio of value of your collection to the cost of your safe?

There are matte finishes, textured finishes, and high gloss finishes. Different carpet interiors and shelving systems. I don't want to pay a premium for something that isn't going to hold up well.
- What did you pick and how happy are you with it?

Different dehumidifiers, electronic locks, lights, racks or door holsters. These are relatively minor but still need consideration. I'll be putting in a dehumidifier and would like to put in a light. I still haven't decided how to organize my handguns but I like the door attachments.
- What did you select or add on later? Did you find a better way (or more preferred way) of doing things than what the safe manufacturers provide?

Thanks in advance for any input. Feel free to brag and post pics of your storage setup.
I own a Fort Knox safe and I'm very happy with it. When I bought it, I bought one twice the size I thought I would ever need. No one ever goes back and says, "I wish I would have bought a smaller safe". Mine is now full and I'm looking at trading it in on a bigger one. My advice ... get the biggest one you can afford. I believe the Fort Knox has a superior fire rating.

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