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Other State Gun rights activist facing charges for rifle in restaurant

Harper often livestreams himself openly carrying a rifle or AR-15 pistol in public places and being confronted by police. He has said his goal is to educate the police on gun laws and make the public more comfortable with seeing legally armed citizens.

Tools like this deserve what they get IMO, even if that means getting shot in the face.
Which is what this fellow tool should have got...
Rifle-Carrying Man Faces Terrorism Charge After Causing Panic At Walmart In Missouri


Philosophically, I believe in maximum individual freedom, including open carry. But nonsense like this just isn't helpful, if for no other reason it paints responsible, polite, gun owners as looney-tunes.
That story is from August. I bet he walks, due to not breaking any laws.
The story indicated that is against the law to carry a firearm into an establishment that serves alcohol. He went into such a place, refused to leave when asked at least at first, and then got snagged due to surveillance video.

Anyway, it does pay to know the firearms laws because one mistake can make you a prohibited person.


Like it or not...
Some folks are uncomfortable with others carrying carry a pistol or revolver , openly , can be done , often without other people noticing , or at least noticing at first* ...Not so with the openly carrying of a rifle or shotgun.
* Granted that all depends on the firearm carried , how it is carried and how the person "carries" themselves....

Also like it or not...
Many people judge all gun owners and hold al of them ( us ) accountable by the actions of a few gun owners or gun users...
It pays to be careful and remember that what others perceive , can be different than what something actually is.....

As well as remembering that you and how you present yourself while doing anything with a gun , may be someones first or only contact with a gun and gun owner...again it pays to be careful here.

Now to be fair , I have no problem with open carry in certain times and places....
Like many things , what works at one place and time , may not at others.
When talking of situational must be aware if the situation is a good place for open carry.

In any case , the open carrying of a longarm , even if legal , is not very practical for most folks and in most everyday situations.
The whole point of open carry is a political statement - since if you did not want to make a political statement and only wanted protection, you would carry concealed. Making a political statement only makes sense in the context of improving one's position or educating the public. Carrying an AR-15 into a restaurant (much less a bar) fails those goals; so, even if it is legal, it shouldn't be done. Carrying a pistol makes a lot more political sense.



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