Gun rally in Olympia

Capn Jack

The TV gave us a whole 30 seconds of coverage, compared to O'Bummers Flower
planters and building painters.....:s0131:

Better than nothing I guess....:s0155:
I believe it was more like 4,000, was the guy with 2 Don't Tread on Me flags, a 1775 Revolution era tricorn hat and two black rifles. Glad to see you all standing tall

It will make a difference.. the way legislators look at it, for each of us attending there are at least 100 in WA who totally agree.. and a lot more who are pretty dern close to our position
was Glad we made the drive down. Little over two hours to get there, but well worth it.
Had my whole family in tow, beautiful wife and my awesome four year old twins. They had a whole handful of small American flags they were handing out to other little kids.
I was wearing my constitution shirt which seemed to gather more attention then I am used to having..

Found it funny that there was no issue with me to enter and walk around the capital building open carring a sidearm.. but NO BALLOONS! we need to get those out NOW! Even the twins looked at here like she was nuts.
Good times.
Met a couple of you from here in person. Always good to put a face to the name, being up here in the north end and being allergic to the city I don't get that chance much.
It was well worth the drive from Lake Stevens. I was surrounded by people the LSM and Leviathan consistently refer to as violent crazies (most of whom were well armed) and I felt perfectly safe and at ease.

Dave Workman

It was good to see such a huge turnout; a lot better than Ceasefire managed in downtown Seattle a week ago. Here's my roundup and analysis

Gun owners draw line against extremist legislation

Crowding capitol campuses across the country, including a major turnout in Olympia, America's gun owners took the offensive Saturday against what they view as extremist gun control measures now proposed at the federal and state levels.

<broken link removed>

Now, if we can get them to come back for any hearings on any anti-gun measures, we'll be in good shape.


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