Gun Rack and Pellet Gun

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    I have a nice wood gun rack for on a wall. it was painted black, but looks nice. has a small drawer at the bottom. Holds four rifles. I also have a BeeMan Pellet gun. .177 cal, break one barrle to load, one shot. Its a pretty cheap model, but its right on target and it it pretty powerful, I think its like 600 FPS. I think the model is a Silverbear or something like that. It has a cool vibration dampner on the muzzle too!!! Asking 25 for the rack and 35 for the gun. I will throw in the rest of the hunding pellets I have, a couple hundred, with the rifle. 50.00 for both.
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    can you tell me what model it is? please a Beeman ...........? does it have a scope on it? aprox how old? Thankx shawn

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