I've been dealing with a new upstart gun shop here in springfield- gun pro shooting supplies. The shop is a family run business. The owner neal is a really nice guy, very helpfull. They have a decent selection of handguns and a few rifles, most are trade in's. Their prices on ammo are pretty good. They have a good selection of ammo, one of the few places with cheap .380.
They have been receiving out of state gun shippments for me for 30.00.
20.00 to recieve a gun plus 10.00 for background. Cheapest I've heard of anywhere in the area.
Also, neal was an olympic shooter. He has his medals he won in a glass case in the store- way cool.
They are not as big as barron's den but they are cheaper and if anything, it's somewhere else to go other than mazama's or barron's.

Was looking all over for a new Redfield 2-7x32 scope. They were the only ones that carried them. Seems like a nice place and will try them again on my next purchase.
I was looking at a couple of .22s today and he had them cheaper than on Gun Broker by a few dollars. I have been in several times and have always enjoyed the conversation. I am a volunteer for the CCA and they were nice enough to donate to our organization just a few months after he opended.
Glad to see him there as soon as I get the money I will be buying a .22 from him. Highly recommended!:s0155:


Can't say enough good things about Neal and his shop. Every time I walk in I'm able to get what I need in a timely matter and him and his staff are always friendly and helpful which is more than I can say about other some other shops I've been too.

Will continue to shop there even though its out of my way. Thats how highly I think of the place.
This store is easily my favorite gun store in Lane County. I was in there a few days ago and they had just gotten a few M&P Shield 9mm. Not only were they cheaper than other stores, but Neal offered to hold one for me until I got paid. When I asked about them at Cabelas, they told me there was a waiting list that was 60 people long and they had no idea when they'd get any in. The only downside to Gun Pro, IMO, is that it's a small store with limited selection, which is a drawback for people like me that like to go in and gawk :cool:

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