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    Hello my friends,
    I have a few guns that I am thinking about selling and would like some input on pricing. I hope it's OK to ask for opinions.
    I have a Colt 70 series 1911 in 9mm. It is in very good condition but the sights have been changed. Ser. #70L23xxx
    Also have a Kimber Classic Custom stamped Clackamas, Or., Ser. # KOO6xxx The barrel has a blue finish. It's not a matte finish but is not as shiny as the Royal. Could have been refinished after market, never the less it is very well done and looks nice.
    Also have a Colt Lightning .380. One end flap of the box is marked Govt Pktlite/Mustang: 380 Auto. Other flap marked Colt Custom Gun Shop on a green sticker and on the description line it says Lightning .380. It's looks like the Mustang PlusII w/aluminum frame and stainless slide. Ever hear of or see one of these?
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    First step - look at similar guns on gunbroker. This will give you a good price range. Look at the NRA gun condition grading guide to determine gun condition. Rating would be like Excellent, Very Good.

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