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    For those of you in WA. that may be looking for a local organization to put some time/support behind, you can look at Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) of WA. Their homepage reads 'The gun owners best friend in WA.'

    They seem to be separate from the NRA's local association, the WSPRA (WA State Pistol & Rifle Association, wspra.org).

    GOAL's latest info/news letter (not currently on their website) is from 2 days ago (11 Jan. 2019) and provides info on all the upcoming bills, resources, rallies, etc.

    If you looking for a local organization perhaps a little more vested and in-touch here in WA, might want to check them out.

    In addition to the normal stances (2A, BoR, etc), one point to be made is they're going well beyond 'common sense safety legislation' in full on 'put you out of business/existence' mode of millions of law abiding citizens who've DONE NOTHING WRONG.

    Secondly - Shooting is a decent, legitimate activity. We're not running illegal underground dog-fighting rings in back alleys. They give out OLYMPIC MEDALS for being skilled shooters.

    Thirdly, if they were sooooo interested in safety, rather than vilifying/smearing, they'd be supporting the organizations that provide it, in spades, such as the NRA:

    Some stats to keep in mind (per the NRA's website[condensed]).
    • Over 125,000 certified instructors train about 1,000,000 gun owners per year.
    • Nearly 7,000 certified coaches work with young competitive shooters. (The next generation).
    • The Eddie Eagle program has trained 28+ million pre-kindergarten to fourth grade children (and would probably do more if they were welcomed into schools more).
    • There are 13,000 NRA-certified police and security firearms instructors. (Where do you ever hear about this in the MSM? Answer: Never).

    Keep at it, participate/support, write you legislators, etc.

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    so BOSS, currency seems to be a significant issue with you advocacy group...where to begin, quote:
    1. 2016 session cut-off calendar? [Uh what happened to 2017 or 2018 calendar]
    2. about us section: We’re a small group of fairly pro-gun folks...[humm advocacy from 'fairly pro-gun folks that should work well!]
    3. LATEST POST is March 2018! [nothing on site regarding I 1639?]
    4. Who GOAL is: ...has been around since the early 1990’s. [interestingly archives tab only shows 2013 > 2018?]

    SAF founded in 1974, NRA's training section began in 1871 and is considered the world's gold standard for firearm training capabilities, NRA's ILA advocacy began in the 70's.

    now, what has GOAL done for Washingtonians lately, as it's website doesn't portray a very robust advocacy posture.
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    Yes, their website is lagging a bit. But as I posted above, they have any updated newsletter from 2 days ago covering all the current bills and resources.

    Yes, there is of course the NRA & SAF. There is WA. State Pistol & Rifle Association (NRA's state association). WAC probably in there as well. Dave Workman and Alan Gottlieb. There is also the Firearms Policy Coalition that has been fairly vocal as well. Believe several of the 'upper management' are involved with multiple organizations.

    We are very fortunate that SAF is based in WA., but it is also a national organization dealing with cases all across the country (which is a good thing).

    Just the messenger here. Nothing says you only need to be a member/support just one (in fact, many are members of multiple). We're all supposed to be on the same side. Just some of your bucks might go a little farther if you were to, at least in part, support one or more organizations that are based and focused in WA.

    As has been posted previously, seems we could benefit from clearly defined, full-time, official pro-2A folks going face-to-face, range-to-range, match-to-match, gunshop-to-gunshop and working to get those folks (many of whom are parked on the fence) to step up their participation. That seems to be the point we're at...

    $.02 worth.

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