I had not seen much news on this front lately and actually found <broken link removed> in the Kahr Arms news
While I would feel some sympathy for the folks who loose their jobs, their homes, and their businesses over the moving of gun makers out of New York - I will not buy any new guns made in New York or other anti-gun states. The good folk in NY need to get together and boot these oppressive "progressives" out of office and get the ball rolling on repealing these silly laws. If they can't - I suggest they see if they can keep their jobs and move with the company to it's new locale.
Its kind of like Oregon, just a few counties control the State. Rest of the poor saps are powerless.
More reason to get involved and participate in elections in those counties where you cannot vote. Local elections are no more!! They effect the entire State,. State elections effect the Nation!!

I'm happy to see those companies voting with their feet!!

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