WTS OR Gun Locker Purge

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Bill Siegle, May 16, 2015.

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  1. Bill Siegle

    Bill Siegle
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    All guns are priced for a FTF in the Clackamas area. No trades please.

    PPK/S in 32ACP. Great little shooter with custom Davidson G10 Lizard Skin grips. Stainless steel. Standard iron sights. Three 8rd mags(2 Walther,1 Mecgar). Price is $450 ***SPF***FTF.

    Ruger Bearcat 22 Stainless. About 500 rounds through it with no issues. Comes with Ajax simulated aged ivory grips(originals are lost), Box papers,lock,and a Kydex holster. Front sight has a small flat filed on it as originally it would glare in the sunlight. $450 ***sold***FTF

    Zip22 with one Ruger mag and box. Neat concept gun and fun at the range. Not super reliable but it does run. It seemed to get better the more I shot it. I just don't play with it much anymore. Who knows maybe someday it will be a super collectible firearm :) Maybe 200 rounds through it. $120 ***SPF***FTF
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  2. Oregon Quartermaster

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    I'll take the zip!

    Edi: uh, second in line for the zip then.
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