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    To some, this will go without saying. Please find a personal defense weapon and learn the controls intimately. If you must have multiple defense weapon, try to find guns with similar controls so your training carries over.

    For instance, I've carried a Glock 22 and Glock 17 for over ten years. When I can't carry full size, Ive carried a Glock 26 and now a Glock 43.

    I'm not saying that Glock is the best choice. I have owned quality pistols like Sigs, various 1911s, HKs, etc. I still own these guns but I don't carry them because when things turn brown, I have years of training using a Glock to address the issue. If I had done so with another weapon, I'd use that instead.

    Before you buy the latest and greatest gun, be prepared to unlearn your old piece and retrain yourself.
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