Gun Control Could Cost 3 Progressives Their Governorships

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    Support of Gun Control Laws Could Lose Three Governorships For Democrats Tuesday
    Posted by Bob Owens on November 3, 2014 at 10:29 am
    Two Democrat governors who rammed through onerous gun control legislation last year and a Lt. Governor with a penchant for calling normal gun owners “extremists” may find gun owners in their states having the last laugh tomorrow at the polls.
    Governors John Hickenlooper of Colorado and Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, along with Lt. Governor Anthony Brown of Maryland, all pushed radical gun control in the wake of the shooting of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut in 2012.
    The murderer* obtained the weapons used in that assault by murdering the owner of the firearms (his mother) to gain access to her gun safe. The Sandy Hook murderer used a simple and ubiquitous bolt-action .22LR rifle to start the carnage, which these anti-gun/anti-liberty politicians used the tragedy to push their own radical agendas.
    It may have seemed like smart partisan politics at the time… but it’s certainly backfiring now.
    Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has blamed everyone but himself for his support of gun control.
    Colorado governor John Hickenlooper was more than happy to sign gun control legislation that restricted the ability of citizens to own standard capacity magazines, and which forced “universal background checks”—a “backdoor” gun registry—on to his state’s citizens.
    The state’s response to the partisan legislation was swift, with two state senators recalled and a third choosing to resign instead of being recalled so that Democrats wouldn’t loose control of the state senate. Citizens have further responded by ignoring these new laws. They have been purchasing standard capacity magazines out-of-state, while blatantly ignoring the state’s universal background checks law which they feel violates their constitutional rights as a gun registry.
    Hickenlooper has been running away from his gun control agenda, but it may bee too little, too late.
    Challenger Bob Beauprez is in a virtual dead-heat with the incumbent Hickenlooper, and Real Clear Politics gives Beauprez a slight edge. The winner of the race will likely depending on which candidate has the best voter turnout, and as Colorado’s gun-owning citizenry has shown with the successful recalls of Colorado Senate President John Morse and senator Angela Giron, and the forced resignation of senator Evie Hudak, that they are truly a force to be reckoned with at the polls
    Connecticut progressive Dannel Malloy was more than happy to exploit the murders at Sandy Hook to assault the Second Amendment in the erroneously-named “Constitution State.”
    Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy spearheaded efforts in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school to carry out a legislative assault on Connecticut’s law-abiding gun owners, while failing to address shortcomings in school security and mental healthcare that might have prevented the massacre from ever occurring.
    In response, more than 100,000 Connecticut gun owners were made into felons overnight once the draconian legislation went into effect, and the state may yet become ground zero in a civil war if Malloy’s minions follow through on their threat to attempt to use tyrannical State Police to confiscate firearms.
    The state, once famous for being the center of American gun manufacturing, has seen numerous companies and job flee south as Malloy slandered an entire industry and refused to apologize.
    Malloy is now clinging to a closer-than-expected lead in a firmly “blue” state against Republican challenger Tom Foley, in a race that has been labeled a toss-up.
    Hundreds of thousands of Connecticut gun owners will turn out in force tomorrow, and it is unlikely that more than a handful will vote for Malloy, who mocked them with a flippant “your side lost” dismissal when the draconian laws were passed.
    Maryland gubernatorial candidate refers to gun owners as “extremists,” yet backed extreme gun control laws pushed by the man he is replacing, Martin O’Malley
    Gun control supporter Anthony Brown is radically opposed to Maryland’s law-abiding citizens having and using the human right of armed self-defense of themselves and their families. He had attacked his opponent, Larry Hogan, as an extremist for wanting the citizens of Maryland to have the same Second Amendment rights shared by the majority of free Americans.
    Perhaps Brown’s own extremist views are a substantial part of the reason that Brown’s lead in polls have plummeted from a seemingly insurmountable 18-point lead in June to being five points behind in the most recent polls.
    Democrats intending to occupy the governor’s mansions should have coasted to easy victories in Colorado, Connecticut, and Maryland, but now find themselves on the cusp of defeat due in no small part to their actions galvanizing and inflaming the pro-gun vote.
    We’ll know in just one day whether their assault on the basic human right of self defense helps lead some or all three of these candidates to defeat.
    * Bearing Arms does not name mass murderers or school killers
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    Well, good!:D
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    Do we have an update on this? Just curious.
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    Unfortunately hickenpooper kept his job... While CO did replace the us senator udall (D) the 2 state legislators they recalled successfully were up for re-election and both seats went back to the (D)ark side. At least they weren't the same people who were recalled. From what I read both seats were in prime democrat strongholds and many of the recall votes were from gun owning democrats. From the sounds of it one of the new dems stated they would not support any further gun control bills and the other did not comment on 2A issues. Guess they are taking the risk that the new politicians may be party line voters...
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