Gun control climate in Norway ?

I've heard that they have some pretty stiff restrictions , Thank goodness that nobody on that island was armed and able to stop this *** . Oh well it was probably the high
capacity "clips" that are to blame anyway. Or maybe the fully automatic "assault weapons"he had. Time will tell .
What's also amazing is that the news media in Norway is NOT blaming the guns (so far), they say it's a "deranged person with a gun" and haven't even reported (at least that I've seen) what type of guns were used, let alone if they were full auto's or not. We know what the news would be trumpeting here in the US!

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John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

80 MILLION law abiding gun owners didn't shoot anyone today, a few criminals did!!


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The guy is a nut, for whatever reason decided to kill and maim as many innocent people as he could. As far as him hating Muslims so much, why didn't he attack only Muslims.
This guy was the closest thing to a Terminator that I have seen and I don't mean that as a compliment. With no citizens able to shoot back he could just focus on an all-offense killing spree. He wouldn't have lasted very long in most areas of the USA. Not that police here would have done much to stop him, I am referring to law abiding carry folks. His picture is readily available, but rarely has been shown (doesn't fit the mold).

Update: This guy was firing at people for 1.5 hours! 1.5 hours? Like I said, NOT in the USA!

No matter what any country does, if a policeman, or someone that wants to pose as a policeman and can get posession of police and/or military weapons, no gun control law will help.

Consider our own "John Brown" of Harper's Ferry (in)fame just before the (un)Civil War? What did he do? He raided a military arsenal to get added weapons.

Anyway, this guy was striking out at the political party in power in Norway. Norways version of Timothy McVey...Only Timothy McVey did not have the opportunity or will to do the shoot-im-up after the bombing.


Your link is very informative...
just for handguns...
Handguns have some caliber restrictions. A Smith & Wesson 500, for example, is illegal due to its high power, but other, less powerful, guns are legal as they are used in sports shooting. Norway has a long tradition of high-end sports shooting competitions, especially rifle shooting. Each caliber must be used in some type of competition to be allowed. Also, there is a restriction on the number of weapons an owner can have for each caliber. For recreational shooters, only one gun is allowed in each caliber. For professional and semi-professional shooters, a spare gun is allowed. A recreational shooter is only allowed to own four different handguns. To obtain more, documentation on extensive involvement in sport shooting is needed.
sounds pretty restrictive to me...
1) small caliber less than 50c it mentions...
2) only 1 per caliber
3) only 4 in total count

not oo gun friendly
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The thing is Norway, and Sweden...competition and hunting are considered "normal" activities for gun owners, self defence is not. If you keep that concept in mind, it is easier to understand their position.

Norway and Sweden have has several "revolts" against the government over the last 1000 years or more. As with the Brits in India, keeping the power to revolt out of the common man's hands is not an unusual concept.


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