Gun Confiscation Led to Genocide

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    “Who, after all, today speaks of the annihilation of the Armenians?”

    100 years ago, the 1st world war was erupting.
    An empire was failing. Out of fear? desperation? that empire turned on some of it's own citizens and killed them - in such numbers as to be a genocide. Not everyone agrees with this assessment.

    How did they do it? Propaganda manipulated public opinion - demonized the group. Took the Guns. Drafted the military age men. Deported or re-located people (death marches)

    "Confiscation of firearms prevented defenses
    . The government made a point of disarming Armenians and sent police into villages to search for and confiscate any guns. The father of my grandfather was charged with having firearms and was imprisoned. They never saw him again."

    We are only ever a heart-beat away from this happening again.
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    It's very sad reality of life, those that can often do-even if it's not right. History is full of examples like what RicInOR is stating. I'm very thankful to live in a country where so many people feel as I do. That is that if we band together and hold our elected leaders to the fundamentals of the Constitution, this act of Genocide will never happen here. One hundred million gun owners, owning over three hundred million guns can't all be wrong! This helps keep us safe from enemies both foreign and domestic.
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    It doesn't matter how many Americans own guns if we can not stand together. The police in their various locals are confiscating firearms from veterans for various reason, some of which are outright bogus. Just like the militia showed up for that Nevada rancher 2nd Amendment people need to show up for these veterans. The feds will find other reason to take peoples firearms, we must find a way to organize and be able to flood a specific address with armed American's to stop these confiscation's. If we don't the powers that be will pick us apart and make us ineffective.
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    Boom, divided we fall. If gun owners would band together like these communist demokkkRats do, we'd be a force to be reckoned with. But alas,,,,:confused:
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    Did the United States confiscate the firearms of Japanese-Americans at the start of WWII ?
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    As a matter of fact yes they did.

    For most Japanese Americans, life before World War II was the same as it was for Americans of any ethnic background until they were labeled The New Enemy. This title subjected them to legal restrictions in addition to the internment camps.[1] Some of these legal restrictions included:

    A rigid curfew

    • The curfew prohibited affected individual from traveling more than twenty miles from their homes except to settle their affairs at wartime civilian control offices.

    Bans on possession of firearms, war materials, short-wave radio receiving and transmitting sets and other contraband to Japanese-Americans.
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