Gun Advocates Ready for Battle on Federal Assault Weapons Ban

Attorney General Eric Holder is using the drug violence in Mexico to "confuse and mislead" Americans in an attempt to reinstate the expired federal assault weapons ban, gun advocates say.

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Its not at all. But I see this being convincing to other ani's in our country. and there is no real solid way to prove against it. So all the ani's have to do is come up with enough people to buy into it.


Sheesh... Welcome to the United Mexican States of America... I don't see what's going on in MehIco as a crisis, its just a self-culling of punk-arsed thugs... SELL THEM MORE GUNS... then it'll get over with quicker.... I guess that makes me a jerk. ;)
Not really, I don't care what they do as long as they stay on their own side of the fence. If there was a fence.
I've heard all this talk of an upcoming ban, and considering I've just recently come into the AR buying market, this is horrible news. Can someone please summarize what is realistically coming down the pipeline and what it will affect??? Needless to say, I'm a bit out of touch with the local hubub and gunners news.
I've heard all this talk of an upcoming ban, and considering I've just recently come into the AR buying market, this is horrible news. Can someone please summarize what is realistically coming down the pipeline and what it will affect??? Needless to say, I'm a bit out of touch with the local hubub and gunners news.

Even if there is no ban - prices will be skyhigh for at LEAST the next 3-6 months as everybody finishes panicing.

I would say there is:
10% chance of a ban in the next 6 months (too busy chasing AIG)
30% chance in the next 9 months
80% chance in the next 18 months (when the heat dies down, more likely to strike)
if we go beyond 18 months, the chance would be an even 70%, and beyond 24 months we need to watch and see the political climate.

By "ban" it would in all likelyhood be a reinstatement of the clinton administration Brady Bill - and put restrictions on barrel shrouds and the like.

The bigger problem is other sneaky efforts to thwart us - why use the same strike twice? They've already somehow gotten the DOD to require all brass to be shredded after use - hindering reloaders - but this was supposedly repealed recently as well.

We will be tested as a community.
Just read, today, out of boredom, the new California regs on weapons, assault, large clips, etc. Pretty well nazified, they are, down south of the Siskiyous. What amazes me is one of the definitions of "assault weapon" is the sort of stock.grip the stupid firearm has. In other words, go to WalMart and buy a wooden stock blued normal length barrel Ruger 10/22, and you've got a legal weapon, long as you don't buy any 25 round Hotlips with it (which you can't buy or have shipped to California anyway... residents have to come up here to buy them over the counter for cash, no questions asked to bring them down there, and hope they don't get caught). Well, once I get that stock Ruger 10/22 carbine home, if I change the stock for one with a thumbhole or vertical grip, make a barrel shroud, OR add a second vertical handgrip forward of the trigger, I suddenly have an "assault weapon". Hunh? Are those guys insane? IT IS THE SAME WEAPON!!! And they want to BAN it now I've gussied it up a bit? Come ONNNN guys, how stupid do you think we are? (we KNOW how stupid THEY are when they come up with such things....).

the one that really cracked me up, though, is the new beaurocracy established down there to "test" firearms and decide whether they are safe enough to be sold within their silly kingdumb. And they do... test, and retest every so many years. Only ones deemed "suitable" can be on offer in that state. How soon before the Feds take up that bit of nonsense and inflict it upon the lot of us?

I don't mind, too much, a ban on true assault weapons. though we all know once banned, only the outlaws and military/law enforcement will have them. Like the little Lady from the Big State said before the Senate in that video.... no, gentlemen, "assault weapons" are not for hunting. They are for defense... against the likes of YOU". (gasp, sputter, blink.... she SAID that?) (yup.... HEAR it)
I have a problem with ANY sort of ban of weapons, I am however for potential owners/users to go through and pass some sort of safety training so they are proven competent in the SAFE & EFECTIVE handling/use of firearms, but it STOPS there... no tracking, no cataloguing of serial numbers, etc.
Hmmm.... sounds like ANOTHER case of the various goobermints watching the right hand of the situation, while the left hand does the dirty work and goes undetected.

By all accounts, the thugs are mainly using RPG's, GRENADES, GRENADE LAUNCHERS, and AUTOMATIC WEAPONS... not exactly "mainstream" stuff us U.S. citizens have access to... but hey, let's just ban everything anyway, eh?
Holder told to pack sand on the subject by 65 Dem congresscritters:

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Thanks for posting this. Rehashing some of these comments on the forums about upcoming AWB, and the lot just feeds the panic buying and price gouging going on. With so much going on, I think the chances of anything like that prior to a second term of democratic control of the presidency and such in 4 years is pretty slim. Hard to say even then, with so many Democrats either supporting firearm rights, or knowing that voting the other side is political suicide.

In this age of the internet it would be pretty difficult to "slip something by."

Here's hoping common sense reigns. I'm hedging, I can find some complete AR uppers in stock and for a reasonable price this summer.

Democratic gun owner


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